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Day One

Day One is Chicago Harris’ new student orientation process. The program, which takes place the week before Autumn Quarter classes begin, is designed to welcome and introduce you to Chicago Harris. We’ll ensure a smooth transition to student life by making sure you’re familiar with all resources and policies. We also make sure you’re prepared for the curriculum, confident navigating the city of Chicago, aware of professional development opportunities and fully integrated into a thriving community of aspiring policy leaders.

Day One is also a guiding principle at Chicago Harris. From the moment you arrive, you’ll start acquiring real-world policy experience and building valuable, long-term relationships with government, nonprofit, business and civic leaders. You’ll gain policy-relevant skills in the classroom—and then put them to the test in one of the nation’s most vibrant urban centers. Through a curriculum that combines rigor and relevance, you will not only learn how to drive social change—you’ll take the wheel on day one.