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Admits: Claim your CNET ID by June 1st!

Admits: Claim your CNET ID by June 1st!

Just a reminder to all our students joining us this fall, your next important deadline is to claim your CNET ID by JUN 1, 2017. 

After this date we will begin sending emails to your CNET ID, so it's essential to make sure you have claim your UChicago email and network ID as soon as possible. You will need it to access many of the UChicago systems on this checklist. To claim your UChicago email and network ID, you will need your UChicago ID number, which is an 8 digit number starting with "12." You should have received an email after you paid your deposit providing you with your UCID number. If you do not know your UCID number, please email Admissions, and they will look it up for you.

We are also excited to announce we will be having events around the globe this summer. We will be sending out schedules for Beijing, Boston, D.C., New York, and more very soon! Can't wait to see you! 

Summer Internships

Summer Internships

I recently had a great opportunity to work with our colleagues in the Career Development Office at Harris to review applications for students applying for a stipend to complete a summer internship. Here at Harris, we are able to provide a limited number of $3,000.00 stipends to students who have taken on unpaid summer internships in the public and nonprofit sector. The Harris Midway Fund provides the financial support students need to pursue some unique and valuable internships around the globe. Some of the internships students are pursuing include opportunities with the:

I very much enjoyed reviewing the applications for the Midway fund and learning more about the different internships our current students are pursuing. Some students were using the summer internship as an opportunity to gain experience in a new area to prepare them to change careers after graduation, while other students had planned for an extended time to pursue a particular area of interest.  Regardless of your specific career goals after graduation, pursuing a summer internship that is both challenging and rewarding allows students to gain valuable experience. For more information on the Midway Fund, please visit this page

Staff introduction - Yubing Xia

Staff introduction - Yubing Xia

My serendipity with Chicago started in June 2014 when a friend of mine (Harris MPP’14) invited me to his Convocation. To be honest, I had some hesitations, but it’s hard to say "no" to a convocation invitation, so I had to go. And that was when the unexpected happened: my mind was blown away, but not by the wind...

The University of Chicago and the Harris School welcomed me with a super friendly dynamic, and I fell in love with the city of Chicago in a heartbeat. The rectangular matrix city planning reminded me of my hometown Beijing, the skyscrapers and the Magnificent Mile reminded me of Shanghai, Tokyo, and New York, the Chicago river and Michigan Lake reminded me of Hangzhou, London, Paris, Barcelona, fjord in Norway, well, all places around the world that have beautiful waterside. I was deeply touched by how the fearless Americans made Chicago great again right after the catastrophic fire in 1871 - phoenix rising from the ashes, true story. The yin and yang of Chicago looked just perfect to me. It is the typical American city I’ve dreamed of: grand, strong, romantic, and extremely beautiful. I couldn’t help but wonder: Who else doesn’t know what I didn’t know before visiting Chicago? And how many of them ended up never finding out what they’ve missed out?

Since then, I’ve been passionately advertising Chicago to everyone I met, telling them it is the most underrated city I’ve known. The skyline, the lake view, the architecture, the art from street to museum galleries, and the mid-west style of warmth, all lined up, showing off Chicago’s charm. Every time I walked in downtown Chicago, the old love song from Savage Garden, I Knew I Loved You, was always playing in my head, on repeat. I knew it is destiny when I found this job at the Harris School, the exact place where the magic started.

Before I started working for Harris, I had to go back home to apply for the visa. To my surprise, my two months away from Chicago turned out to be more profound lessons on the University of Chicago, especially the Harris School. My first visit to the University of Chicago Center in Beijing was a series of wows. It was an entire floor in a high-rise building, Culture Plaza next to Renmin University, and the interior décor is 5-star hotel standard. The choice of location couldn’t be more convenient in the university district, and it shows the University of Chicago’s priorities – students are the most precious, and thus must be offered the best quality of service. And then I met the Deputy Director of Beijing Center, Ji Yuan, a true teacher for younger generations. As a University of Chicago dad, Yuan couldn’t be more proud, and he has every reason to be. Every time he started talking, you can see the love for his daughter (BA’13), the love for the city, and the love for the University glow on his face. He told me that the University of Chicago has always been humble and low-profile since the day it was founded; bragging and name dropping were never shortlisted in the University’s campaign strategy. He told me there was no doubt, no stain, and no bubble in the University of Chicago’s reputation. What made me the most excited was that, young though the Harris School is, it is a rising star, with new rock star faculty such as James Robinson, new Pearson Institute, new Dean from the White House, and new building ready in 2018. Harris alums Bolong Song (MPP’15) and Yaxi Deng (MPP’14) shared their experience with me in great details, I couldn’t believe I didn’t have the luck to have met such wonderful people years ago, and I cannot wait to meet new admits from the very beginning of their paths to Harris.

So here I am, the Student Recruitment Specialist fresh off the boat. Having been on the same boat with other international students, having been on the same boat with other MPPs, having been on the same boat with other job-seekers and young professionals, even though I am the new one to our admission team, I believe my experience and perspective will be helpful for Harris students and alumni in so many ways. And I can’t wait to make myself useful for the Harris community.


Professor Chris Blattman Featured in Times Op-Ed

Professor Chris Blattman Featured in Times Op-Ed

Harris Public Policy Professor Chris Blattman and University of Oxford Professor of Economic Policy Stefan Dercon penned a recent op-ed in The New York Times on the economics of sweatshop workers. 

Blattman and Dercon went to Ethiopia to test the claim that sweatshops are “escalators out of poverty”. Working with the nonprofit Innovations for Poverty Action and the thinktank Ethiopian Development Research Institute, they conducted the first randomized trial of industrialized employment on workers. Ethiopia ended up surprising the experts: "Contrary to the expert predictions (and ours), quitting was a wise decision for most. The alternatives were not so bad after all: People who worked in agriculture or market selling earned about as much money as they could have at the factory, often with fewer hours and better conditions. We were amazed: By the end of a year only a third of the people who had landed an industrial job were still employed in the industrial sector at all."

Click here to read more about their research, and why they were proven wrong! 

Spring Break Post #3 Israel-Palestine

Spring Break Post #3 Israel-Palestine

Today I wanted to focus on a trip that I was incredibly grateful to join. A few of my close friends planned a trip to Israel and the West Bank with the assistance of Israel & Co. and Routes Travel Company. Harris Public Policy has been doing this for a few years now. The trip brought about 50 students from Chicago to the Middle East. It was an incredible experience that really helped me reform my views of the region and public policy.

Being an American, it often appears that there are only two sides to the question. There is one-state or two-state and there are certain monolithic images of what a supporter of each looks like. There is pro-Israel and anti-Israel, pro-Jewish or anti-Semitic, BDS or anti-BDS. These were the realities in my head when I entered Israel and I was exposed to a brand new cast of characters.

The Israel trip introduced me to entire spectrums of political views and Israeli citizens that broke each aspect of these fictitious dichotomies. The question never begets a black or white irreconcilable difference—rather it is the American perspective which demands you belonging firmly in one camp or the other. (It is particularly intriguing to apply this to American politics more generally).  

From learning about the vast and thought-provoking history of the Levant in the old city of Jaffa, to riding ATVs within a kilometer of the Syrian border and discussing modern conflicts, to meeting with several Knesset members the day after visiting the Old City of Jerusalem, each step of the trip was thought-provoking and caused me to reconsider my preconceived notions about Israel and the West Bank.

Former Governor Jennifer Granholm Speaks at Harris


In April, Women in Public Policy (WiPP) and the Project on Political Reform co-hosted a lunch and conversation at the Harris School of Public Policy with former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm. Before serving two terms as governor, Granholm was the attorney general of Michigan from 1998-2002. She now teaches law and public policy at UC Berkeley, where she chairs the American Jobs Project as a senior research fellow at the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute. 

The event was an informal Q&A with Harris faculty and students. Granholm addressed several key initiatives and challenges she faced in public office — specifically the loss of manufacturing jobs in Michigan during her first term as governor and maneuvering negotiations as a Democratic governor with a Republican state legislature. She encouraged policy students to find and focus on “the thing that keeps you up at night”, and to find ways to translate data-driven analytics into a story for real people. 

WiPP is a student-run organization that seeks to engage the advancement of women through the context of public policy. They host events, provide opportunities for networking and academic development, and encourage civic engagement and policy advocacy. Their events are open to all students.

The Project on Political Reform is helmed by Professor William Howell and former Harris COO Marc Farinella. The Project on Political Reform identifies solutions to government dysfunctions at the local, state and federal level within the United States. They are a nonpartisan center that is committed to resolving policy issues without party ideology. 


Spring Break Post #2 Japan

Spring Break Post #2 Japan

One of the longest running and therefore most organized trips is the Harris Japan trip. Harris Japanese students have planned this trip for several years now as an opportunity to share their culture, their history, and Japanese policy with their colleagues. I had the opportunity to sit down with Peter Biava, one of the Team Harris members that attended the Japan Trip, a trip he says he was excited about since his first week at Harris. Ever since hearing about how organized and how incredible the trip has been, Peter dedicated himself to participating this spring, growing more anxious each time he met another Japanese Harris student or trip participant.

I asked Peter to reflect on his trip, and how the experience changed his perception of public policy. Peter said the trip taught him when the policy metrics fail—when they can’t reflect the feelings or desire of the populace and qualitative aspects they don’t reflect. Peter and the trip had an opportunity to meet with several high up policy-makers and learn what policy issues currently matter to them. These policy-makers include: … One thing many of them indicated was that they were displeased with their GDP per capita. However, Peter alluded that one thing he noted was that these metrics did not appropriate reflect the quality difference he experience in Japan. Even something familiar—like McDonalds—was on a whole other level of quality in Japan. Peter noted that when considering economic development and growth, the traditional policy metrics often failed to capture qualitative aspects like these.

Spring Break Post #1 Costa Rica

Spring Break Post #1 Costa Rica

Midterms just ended and many of us graduate students are attempting to relax a little bit. If anyone is like me, they're reflecting on their Spring Break trips. There were a number of incredible Spring Break trips led by Harris students. This is one of the many ways in which Harris students seek out Applied Experience - an opportunity to apply and observe the concepts learned in the classroom. Over the next several days, I'll talk about some of the trips Harris students took around the world.

One such trip was a trip to Costa Rica planned by MSESP student and Team Harris member, Hannah Bent. While they had an opportunity to enjoy Costa Rica's beautiful beaches, they also had an opportunity to visit UGA's Costa Rica campus and Ecolodge to learn about conservation, medicinal plants, and environmental policy issues in Costa Rica. The trip was the first of its kind and we're hoping students continue to travel there and bring back more beautiful photos.

Helpful Financial Aid Information for US students

Helpful Financial Aid Information for US students

1.     Most domestic students are eligible to borrow funds for the full cost of attendance (tuition plus living expenses and fees, minus scholarships). You can apply to receive federal loans (Stafford and grad PLUS) and/or private loans (Alternative Loan Funds). Applications for federal loans are processed on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore we encourage you to submit your FAFSA by the priority deadline - May 5th.

2.     The application processing timeline is available here. Please, review the information on the page carefully as it outlines important steps in understanding, accepting, and receiving your awards

3.     Federal loans are sent directly from the government to the University and applied to your tuition account. Alternative Loans are generally sent to the University via an electronic disbursement method and applied to your tuition account. Scholarships provided by Harris are entered by the financial aid specialist at Harris and disbursed directly on your account. All financial aid is disbursed quarterly.

4.     As you might know, the FAFSA code for the school has changed. The school code for 2017-18 is 001774. If you sent your FAFSA to a different code, please go back to your FAFSA, update the school code, sign, and resubmit.

Round Two Update

Round Two Update

Greetings from Harris! 

We are extremely pleased to be releasing our Round Two decisions tomorrow, Friday April 28th. It was a pleasure reviewing all of your applications and learning more about your goals and ambitions. Please log into your account tomorrow evening for updated decisions. Students admitted in Round Two should plan to deposit by May 19th. We are excited to announce we will be hosting an Admitted Student Day for Round Two admits, and those who were not able to come to our earlier Admitted Student Day, in the next few weeks. We plan to send out dates and more details early next week.

Thank you again for the time and consideration you have put into the application process, and we can't wait to welcome all of our admitted students to campus this Fall! 

Today at Harris

The Inaugural Reverend Dr. Richard L. Pearson Inaugural Lecture will be today at noon. Sergio Jaramillo Caro, Colombian High Commissioner for Peace, negotiated on behalf of the Republic of Colombia with the country's largest guerilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Jaramillo will share his experience negotiating a peace accord with the FARC that ended one of the world's longest-running conflicts, as well as what lies ahead for the region. 
Monday, April 24, 2017 | 12:00 PM — 1:15 PM
Ida Noyes Hall, Cloister Club 1212 East 59th Street
If you wish to attend, please RSVP here.
The event will be webcast here.

Former President Barrack Obama is speaking about civic engagement and the next generation of leadership at UChicago beginning at 11AM. He is speaking to invited students from local high schools and community colleges. You can watch his webcast here

Message from Katherine Baicker to the Harris community

Message from Katherine Baicker to the Harris community

Hear thoughts from the incoming Dean of the Harris School of Public Policy Katherine Baicker on the importance of public policy today, the need for analytical data in government, and what she envisions for Harris. 

Get to Know Hyde Park

Get to Know Hyde Park

Post from Emma

Hyde Park is a neighborhood bursting with rich Chicago culture and history. If you’re coming for a visit or just moving in, be sure to check out these five quintessential Hyde Park stops!

The Robie House

Inspired by the landscape of the Midwest, famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright built the Robie House in the early 1990s. A stunning example of “Prairie Style” architecture, the house is a staple of the Hyde Park community. Plan your visit today!

The Woodlawn Tap

 Known to most locals as “Jimmy’s”, after the tavern’s famous barkeep, Woodlawn Tap has served everyone from UChicago professors and students to Dylan Thomas. Step inside, and you’ll be transported back in time throughout the tavern’s history (over half a century!).

Powells Books

 A part of the famous Powell’s independent used bookstore chain, this Chicago outpost has been in Hyde Park for over 40 years. Wander around for hours — feel free to get lost in their over a quarter million selection!

Promontory Point

 If you want one of the best views of Chicago’s beautiful skyline, head down to Promontory Point at Burnham Park. The Point is a part of renowned Chicago architect Daniel Burnham’s planning for the 1933-1934 World’s Fair held in Chicago — and one of Hyde Park’s best-kept secrets.


 This landmark cash-only eatery is one of President Obama’s favorite neighborhood spots. If you want to eat like a president, be sure to order the N.Y. Steak & Eggs, Mediterranean Omelette, or Two Pancakes special.

Language Camp - More than improving your English skills

Language Camp - More than improving your English skills

Post from current student Mayra

Many of our international students at Harris are required to attend the Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program (AEPP) – often called Language Camp by students - in early August. The University of Chicago's (AEPP) is an approximately three-week summer program designed to support incoming international students to improve their speaking and writing proficiency in academic and professional contexts before starting the master’s program.

Attending this program can help you develop skills needed to succeed in a rigorous academic environment. It can also give you the opportunity to know more about the culture and history of the city of Chicago and meet the amazing international community that will surround you in the next couple of years. Besides this, you will have the chance to enjoy the amazing Chicago summer! Are you ready to meet your new best friends?

Stay tuned: If you are required to attend the University of Chicago's Academic English Program you will be contacted soon by Harris administration with more information to register for the program.

Team Harris on Katherine Baicker

Team Harris on Katherine Baicker

Post from Emma

We asked three Team Harris ambassadors and the president of Women in Public Policy (WiPP) to share their insight on the announcement of the appointment of the new Dean of the Harris School, Katherine Baicker.

Becki Planchard (MPP ’17), President of Women in Public Policy

“Harris students had been anxiously waiting for months to hear who our new Dean would be. When the announcement hit our inboxes last week about incoming Dean Kate Baicker, I eagerly joined in text and email chains with my fellow leaders from Women in Public Policy, all of us excited about the news. I see Dean Baicker’s background in health policy and economics as an asset to our school—to me, she is an embodiment of our slogan, “Social Impact, Down to a Science.” We at WiPP are grateful for our interim Dean, Kerwin Charles, and his consistent efforts to shed light on and transform diversity at Harris. We are confident that Dean Baicker will bring in her own perspectives to lead Harris forward, building on the momentum of the past years. I look forward to returning as an alumna to see her leadership in action.”

Peter Biava (MPP 19), Team Harris ambassador

“I'm thrilled that Harris has a new dean! Katherine Baicker is the heavy-hitter academic that UChicago needs to lead Harris into the future as a trendsetter in pubic policy. Her accomplishments in the executive branch as an economic policy advisor demonstrates the type of leadership and rigor that Harris is famous for. Her expertise in health economics adds a wonderful dimension to the depth of expertise within the Harris faculty. 

I want to thank Professor Kerwin Charles who did a remarkable job as interim dean. I'm very proud that Harris is now in the hands of an equally genuine, personable, and capable leader in Professor Baicker. The future of Harris is extremely bright, and the next few years here will be exciting to see how everything unfolds!”

Faraz Ahmed (MSCAPP 18), Team Harris ambassador

“The appointment of Katherine Baicker as the new dean of Harris School of Public Policy is a reflection of school's commitment to increasingly expand the evidence based research in different policy fields. Her tenure as the Dean will open the doors for rigorous inquiry in the fields of health economics and health policy, which is quite pertinent in today's age where the debate on future health insurance has become increasingly complex.

Dr. Baicker's exceptional track record in both academic and professional arenas will also accelerate Harris's core focus on bridging the gap between practitioners and academia. Having served and serving on the leadership at prestigious institutions such as the Harvard's T. H. Chan School of Public Health, President's Council of Economic Advisors (2005-2007) and National Academy of Medicine (IOM), Dr. Baicker, in my view, will solidify the leadership potential of the Harris community and increasingly forge new partnerships between policy institutions and the student community at Harris. These collaborations will go a long way in devising the future policy making processes of America and other countries.”

Madeleine Toups (MPP 18), Team Harris ambassador

“Interim Dean Kerwin Charles has been a phenomenal resource for students in his time as Dean. I am very appreciative of his commitment to diversity and gender inclusivity at the Harris School, as well as genuine concern for students’ experiences. I look forward to his role at Harris in my final year in the MPP program.

That being said, I could not be more thrilled with Dr. Katherine Baicker’s appointment as Harris School’s new Dean. Dr. Baicker is knowledgeable and well-respected in a range of topics that are important to myself and current students, specifically her work in health economics. Healthcare is an increasingly important policy issue both in the United States and internationally, and having Dr. Baicker as a leader in this field at the helm of Harris will hopefully bring greater opportunities in healthcare reform and outreach for current students to explore as potential careers and research topics.

In addition to her high-caliber qualifications, Dr. Baicker will be the second woman to serve in this role. I look forward to working with her and Women in Public Policy to amplify women’s voice in advocacy, professional development, and inclusive dialogue on campus and at the Harris School.”


2017 Chicago Summer

2017 Chicago Summer

Post from Emma:

Summer is just around the corner — bring out your calendar and plan to eat, drink and dance your way through the season this year in Chicago! For more dates and details, please click here.


5/6-5/7: Greek & Mediterranean Wine Festival

Celebrate this inaugural festival on Van Buren and Halsted by sampling over 50 Mediterranean European wines and tastes of local Greek restaurants. Tickets start at $40 and benefit the Greektown Chamber of Commerce. Tickets available here.

 5/26-5/28: Mole de Mayo

Held in historic Pilsen at Ashland and 18th, the festival features food vendors, an open-air market for local Pilsen business owners, and a lucha libre wrestling ring. Admission is free, but suggested donations benefit the Eighteenth Street Development Corporation. 

Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival: Come listen to Chicago’s best tribute bands while enjoying food and art from local vendors on N. Sheffield from Belmont to Roscoe!


 6/3-6/4: 57th Street Art Fair

This year is the 70th annual summer for the 57th Street Art Fair — the oldest juried art fair in the Midwest. Come see almost 200 artists in beautiful Hyde Park!

6/9-6/11: Chicago Blues Festival

A favorite amongst Chicagoans, this summer staple boasts free admission to hear the best talents in jazz at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park.

 6/9-6/11: Ribfest

Take a break from the Blues Fest and stop by Ribfest, held at the intersection of Lincoln Ave., Irving Park Road and Damen Ave. Last year, Chicagoans voted this the “Best Food Fest” of the summer.

6/17-6/18: Pride Fest

Starting at the 3200 block of North Halsted, celebrate LGBTQ pride both in Chicago and around the world at the famous Pride Parade.


Chicago Ale FestLove beer? Check out the Chicago Ale Fest at Grant Park — admission runs between $19-59 and gives you access to more than 200 craft beers, as well as live music and food trucks. Tickets available here.


 7/5-7/9: Taste of Chicago

Affectionately called “The Taste”, this is one of Chicago’s most popular summer festivals. Stroll through Grant Park and enjoy a large variety of popular food vendors from around the city!

7/16: Chinatown Summer Fair

 Come celebrate Chinese culture with 40,000 fellow Chicagoans — including performances of classical dance, traditional music and martial arts demonstrations.

7/14-7/16: Pitchfork Music Festival

With some of the hippest and eclectic selections of musicians, Pitchfork is hugely popular amongst music fans. A Tribe Called Quest, Solange, and LCD Soundsystem are some of the big names headlining this year. Tickets available here.


8/3-8/6: Lollapalooza

One of Chicago’s largest and most popular events of the year, “Lolla” brings the biggest names in music to Grant and Millienium Parks. General admission tickets have sold out, but can still be found through reputable, verifiable resale sites.

8/19-8/20: Chicago Air and Water Show

Bring your chairs and blankets down to your favorite area of the lakefront for a front-row seat to the air and water show. Watch dozens of different planes complete dazzling tricks of military aerobatics and a simulated water rescue.

8/11-13 62nd Annual Ginza Holiday Festival

 Come celebrate Japanese culture with food, performances and displays on W. Menomonee Street. The Midwest Buddhist Temple will be open for those who wish to learn more about the practice; Judo and Aikido schools will also be demonstrating self-defense.

Alumni Webinar - Monday April 3rd

Alumni Webinar - Monday April 3rd

Post from Zach - 

This Monday April 3rd, we have an incredible opportunity for you to hear from and ask questions of three wonderful alumni who are part of the Harris Alumni Council. We hope you can join us for the webinar from 5:30-6:30pm. Please register here! 

Cynthia Dubois completed her MPP in 2010 and is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Human Development and Social Policy. She is a recipient of the Harry S Truman Scholarship and was named by USA Today as a member of the All-USA Academic First Team, which recognizes twenty outstanding individuals graduating from American universities.

George Letavish—MPP 2011—works as the Senior Policy Analyst and Get IN Chicago. George joined Harris Public Policy after serving as an intelligence analyst in the US Army.

Chad Williams began working in the U.S. Government Accountability Office following receiving his MPP in 2010.

We look forward to speaking with you on Monday! 


Staff Introduction

Staff Introduction

Post from Sylvie

My name is Sylvie Bendier Decety. I recently rejoined Harris Public Policy after spending a fantastic sabbatical year traveling and volunteering in Europe and Africa.  I’m working in the Student Recruitment & Global Outreach department, mostly on Executive Education programs and International Partnerships.

I feel at home in the various cities where I’ve lived a fair amount of time (Lyon, France, Cape Town, South Africa, Seattle and Chicago, United States). I’m hoping to have a chance to some day live in Central and/or South America (slowly learning Spanish!), Asia and/or Eurasia (recommendations, anybody?), and Oceania. I have big dreams… Wish me a long and healthy life!

I look forward to meeting students and partners from all corners of Earth and hearing stories about "home” and hopes for achievements in Public Policy. Chicago Harris will help you to get there!

EPIC Forum

EPIC Forum

This week the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC) and the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution co-hosted a forum in Washington, D.C. to address the need for bipartisan work within the fields of energy security and environmental policy. The event, held at the Brookings Institution, was composed of remarks by the former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin, a fireside chat, and three roundtable discussions with panelists from the private and academic sectors.

In addition to the forum, EPIC Director Michael Greenstone, Executive Director Sam Ori, and Cass Sunstein (Harvard University) presented a proposal with recommendations for taking a market-based approach to fuel economy regulations.

Interested in this forum and the work that EPIC does? Please apply here. Applications are due April 14th, 2017 by 11:59 p.m.

 Click here for more information.

Our New Dean: Katherine Baicker

Our New Dean: Katherine Baicker

Post from Ranjan Daniels

It’s been an exciting week at Harris. Start of the new quarter, Round 2 application deadline and most noteworthy…. I met our new Dean Katherine Baicker.

This was an exhaustive search led by a faculty committee who nominated candidates to President Zimmer and Provost Diermeier. The identity of the candidate is strictly confidential…I learned about the pick just as you did and what a pick…I’m blown away by the choice and what it says about the direction of Harris.

Dean Baicker is an incredibly accomplished health economist who is best known for her landmark analysis of the Oregon health system. Her presence illustrates our commit to health policy which touches every community across the globe.  Additionally, Dean Baicker brings extensive experience advising US policy makers.  As we expand our global focus with the Pearson Institute, our faculty and University leadership are demonstrating our commitment to driving innovation in US public policy.  Dean Baicker also taught at Harris as a visiting professor in 2003 so it was nice to hear my colleagues talk about their experiences with her. Another point that jumped out about Dean Baicker’s background, she’s a department chair at the Harvard TS Chan School of Public Health.

As UChicago makes a commitment to expand the global impact and reach of our faculty and students in public policy, it’s critical that we have dynamic and seasoned leadership to direct this effort and by all accounts Katherine Baicker does just that. Her willingness to join Harris also speaks to our direction but also the sound underpinnings of our scholarship.

I found the following links helpful in getting a sense of our new Dean’s policy work:


November 2016 interview with the Harvard Gazette on the future of the ACA


Featured in a March 2017 article on the future of Medicaid in Oregon 


A July 2016 Politico podcast interview on Obama’s public option healthcare proposal 


I can’t wait for Dean Baicker to welcome you to Harris this fall!