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“Harris offers frameworks for how to think, analytical tools you can use-- absent an ideological framework. That was compelling.”

— Alumnus


Students who graduate from Harris are prepared.

They are headstrong and know how to use their resources. They have a passion for their work, and a deepened desire to affect positive change in the world– be it the neighborhood where they grew up, or a foreign continent altogether.

Harris graduates are trained to analyze –and challenge– data-driven insights with an eye towards making policy that is sensitive to humanity.

From the private sector, to non-profit work, to public service, there is nothing that you can't do with a Harris degree. In fact, Harris trains students to harness the power of knowledge so that the whole world is as accessible as the palm of your hand

Harris prepares you by...

Student Experience/ Daily Life


Examples of what students do, interview with students

examples of work that students have done on campus and off of campus during/ after Harris