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Stars from the Belushi brothers to Harold Ramis to Amy Poehler and Tina Fey cut their teeth at the comedy scene in Chicago. While theaters like the Second City are world-famous, there are plenty of other venues to catch a good late-night show (usually for $10 or less!). Check out a few below! 

The iO Theater

The iO is widely hailed as Chicago's best improv companies. If you're new to the improv scene, check out "TJ & Dave" on Wednesday nights. Two improv legends from Chicago, TJ Jagodowski & Dave Pasquesi have been performing together for decades. Fans of the show "Veep" will recognize Pasquesi as Andrew, Selena Meyer's husband with a wandering eye. 

Laugh Factory

Forget the Netflix stand-up specials and stop by the Laugh Factory in Lakeview East. You can watch seasoned comedians and first-timers try out their stand-up at open mic nights. Favorite shows include "Character Assassination", a roast show for historical figures and beloved personalities (like the "Game of Thrones" cast). 

Annoyance Theatre & Bar

Annoyance Theatre will have something for all audiences - from sketch shows to improv to musicals. Sketch shows like "Everyone's a Critic" improvises random Yelp reviews and the psyche of the reviewer. 

The Second City

Of course, no tour of Chicago comedy is complete without a stop by the Second City. Tickets are pricier at this famous venue, but worth a trip for comedy junkies. Shows like "#DateMe" explore modern relationships, while "The Winner...of Our Discontent" examines the fears of America has for the future.