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Post from Emma (she's been super productive while others were wrapped up in ASD planning, thanks Emma!) 

Professor Ariel Kalil recently gave a lecture this February in Luxembourg on the relationship between inequality and child development. Kalil is a professor at the Harris School, as well as the Director of the Center for Human Potential and Public Policy. The lecture series, sponsored in part by the European Investment Bank Institute, was titled “Inequality and …?”, featuring a broad panel of researchers focused on diverse concepts of inequality. Professor Kalil spoke on the role of parenting and familial socioeconomic status in creating inequalities amongst children. Kalil advocates for the investment in parents themselves to address achievement gaps— so that parents may then invest in their children. Kalil is a co-director of the Behavioral Insights and Parenting (BIP) Lab, which looks at the ways in which parents invest in their children, particularly through the lens of behavioral tools. The research at the BIP Lab focuses on early literacy rates, early math activities, and engagement with Head Start, amongst other grant-funded research. The research team at the BIP Lab is a collaboration between academics, staff, and PhD students. If you are interested in gaining field work experience, and have a focus in child development, behavioral economics, etc., you may find more information about opportunities with the BIP Lab here!