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Post from Sylvie

My name is Sylvie Bendier Decety. I recently rejoined Harris Public Policy after spending a fantastic sabbatical year traveling and volunteering in Europe and Africa.  I’m working in the Student Recruitment & Global Outreach department, mostly on Executive Education programs and International Partnerships.

I feel at home in the various cities where I’ve lived a fair amount of time (Lyon, France, Cape Town, South Africa, Seattle and Chicago, United States). I’m hoping to have a chance to some day live in Central and/or South America (slowly learning Spanish!), Asia and/or Eurasia (recommendations, anybody?), and Oceania. I have big dreams… Wish me a long and healthy life!

I look forward to meeting students and partners from all corners of Earth and hearing stories about "home” and hopes for achievements in Public Policy. Chicago Harris will help you to get there!