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Post from Ranjan Daniels

It’s been an exciting week at Harris. Start of the new quarter, Round 2 application deadline and most noteworthy…. I met our new Dean Katherine Baicker.

This was an exhaustive search led by a faculty committee who nominated candidates to President Zimmer and Provost Diermeier. The identity of the candidate is strictly confidential…I learned about the pick just as you did and what a pick…I’m blown away by the choice and what it says about the direction of Harris.

Dean Baicker is an incredibly accomplished health economist who is best known for her landmark analysis of the Oregon health system. Her presence illustrates our commit to health policy which touches every community across the globe.  Additionally, Dean Baicker brings extensive experience advising US policy makers.  As we expand our global focus with the Pearson Institute, our faculty and University leadership are demonstrating our commitment to driving innovation in US public policy.  Dean Baicker also taught at Harris as a visiting professor in 2003 so it was nice to hear my colleagues talk about their experiences with her. Another point that jumped out about Dean Baicker’s background, she’s a department chair at the Harvard TS Chan School of Public Health.

As UChicago makes a commitment to expand the global impact and reach of our faculty and students in public policy, it’s critical that we have dynamic and seasoned leadership to direct this effort and by all accounts Katherine Baicker does just that. Her willingness to join Harris also speaks to our direction but also the sound underpinnings of our scholarship.

I found the following links helpful in getting a sense of our new Dean’s policy work:


November 2016 interview with the Harvard Gazette on the future of the ACA


Featured in a March 2017 article on the future of Medicaid in Oregon 


A July 2016 Politico podcast interview on Obama’s public option healthcare proposal 


I can’t wait for Dean Baicker to welcome you to Harris this fall!