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Post from staff member Imran Khan

On Friday, CNN contributor Van Jones and conservative political commentator and columnist S.E. Cupp participated in a panel discussion hosted by the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics. The panel was moderated by current IOP Director and former Senior Advisor to President Obama David Axelrod. Speaking to an audience of students, faculty members and residents of the community, Jones and Cupp discussed – amongst many ideas – the history of our nation’s political system, its current state and what challenges our country will face in the years ahead.

Drawing on his childhood upbringing through his years working in the Obama Administration, Jones opined on the state of America's two-party system, suggesting that today's politics had forsaken virtuous principles such as honesty and nobility all together. Cupp seemed to agree postulating that both the Republican and Democratic parties had become "cartoons" of their respective political ideologies. She elaborated further on the political disconnect, pointing to the Republican Party's desire to take seats in Washington rather than take positions on the issues and noted it was "profitable to disagree in politics today". While Cupp and Jones differed in their political views, both found common ground on the importance of our political institutions and recognized that while cultural change is inevitable, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to democracy.

Perhaps Jones said it best when he speculated that, "the politics that will make a difference has yet to emerge." After the event was all said and done, one thing was clear - we are the ones creating our future and therefore we must hold ourselves accountable.

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