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Interested in learning more about housing? Check out the blog post below from UChicago graduate student HaYoung. 

Whether you’re moving to a new side of town or moving across the country or the globe, getting settled in a new city can always be a little daunting. I recently, about three months ago, moved to Chicago from another state, with little knowledge of the area. One of the first things I did was figuring out when to begin my housing search. It turns out the answer is the sooner the better. Here are some of the things I’ve learned that helped me get me on my feet quickly.

I found the most helpful information I needed to make an informed decision about housing at UGrad Housing Resources website. The website provided many useful tips and resources, including online apartment listing websites, to plan out my apartment search. Next, I set the realistic expectations and adjust them as I begin to see what is available in my price range. I made a list of my criteria in terms of budget, size, preferred amenities, and location–this also means finding the closest grocery store, coffee shop, drug store, public transit or whatever else you need. And don’t forget to reach out to any locals in Chicago you know. There’s no substitute to the real life advice of a local that you can ask questions and interact with. 

If you are thinking about housing in the Hyde Park area, home to the University of Chicago, a good way to consider location is to look at the routes for the University’s NightRide shuttle service. Each route begins on campus, and any location in the Hyde Park area is within two blocks of a shuttle stop. There are many apartments in the neighborhood, as well as a limited number of University-owned units. With the convenience of great public transportation, restaurants, incredible architecture, amazing cultural amenities, and proximity to the campus, many students settle in this historic neighborhood. To learn more about life in and around Hyde Park, click here