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The center for municipal finance at harris public policy applies our
well-known rigorous, evidenced-based approach to government funding and spending.

The Certificate in Municipal Finance is a one-of-a-kind offering that prepares Harris students for careers in local and state governments, as well as private-sector financial and consulting firms. It is awarded upon completion of a four-course curriculum that will equip students with the skills to diagnose and manage state and local government financial activities.

This coursework will provide students with a strong background in the process, politics, and economics of public revenue and expenditure decisions; practices and techniques of modern financial administration; and the operation of the municipal securities market. Such policy expertise is essential for raising, spending, and borrowing money to provide basic local government services as well as for tackling many pressing municipal problems that are dependent on resources provided by the budget, such as funding public pensions and health care.



Growing up 30 minutes from Detroit, Rachel is interested in urban policy and the economic development of cities.

"I see all the factors that make cities great, such as housing, business opportunities, transportation, education and the like, as significant issues facing American cities today. I am interested in the interrelationships between these factors and what policies have worked or not worked in the past to improve urban life."


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Certificate in Municipal finance

Course Structure

  • PPHA 32530 Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds
  • One of the following:
    • PPHA 32100 State and Local Finance
    • PPHA 35801 Political Economy of Cities
  • One of the following:
    • PPHA 36040 Public Budgeting and Financial Planning
    • PPHA 42510 Applied Financial Management
    • BUS 30116 Accounting and Financial Analysis


Any of the core certificate classes that are not required can still be taken as electives. That being said, there are no formal elective requirements for the certificate.






• ACCION Chicago
• Anderson Economic Group
• Arab Jordan Investment Bank
• Bain & Company
• Bloomberg
• Booz Allen Hamilton
• Center for Financial Services Innovation
• Center for Tax and Budget Accountability
• Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
• City of Chicago, Office of the City Treasurer
• Congressional Budget Office
• Deloitte
• Federal Reserve Bank
• Federal Reserve Board
• HVS Consulting & Valuation
• Illinois Commerce Commission
• Illinois Finance Authority
• Office of the Illinois State Treasurer
• Inter-American Development Bank
• International Monetary Fund
• Joint Legislative Budget Committee

• J.P. Morgan Chase
• The Laubacher Company
• Maryland Department of Budget and Management
• McKinsey & Company
• Metropolis Strategies
• Millennium Challenge Corporation
• Moody’s
• Navigant Consulting
• Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago
• Office of Management and Budget
• The Pew Charitable Trusts
• The PFM Group
• Promontory Financial Group
• Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
• Standard & Poor’s
• U.S. Department of the Treasury
• U.S. Office of Personnel Management
• West Monroe Partners
• The World Bank