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Midterms just ended and many of us graduate students are attempting to relax a little bit. If anyone is like me, they're reflecting on their Spring Break trips. There were a number of incredible Spring Break trips led by Harris students. This is one of the many ways in which Harris students seek out Applied Experience - an opportunity to apply and observe the concepts learned in the classroom. Over the next several days, I'll talk about some of the trips Harris students took around the world.

One such trip was a trip to Costa Rica planned by MSESP student and Team Harris member, Hannah Bent. While they had an opportunity to enjoy Costa Rica's beautiful beaches, they also had an opportunity to visit UGA's Costa Rica campus and Ecolodge to learn about conservation, medicinal plants, and environmental policy issues in Costa Rica. The trip was the first of its kind and we're hoping students continue to travel there and bring back more beautiful photos.