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The Career Development Office at Harris Public Policy has released its annual Career Outcomes Report for the Class of 2016. Each year, the office distributes an exit survey to graduates on their post-graduate employment plans, with a follow-up survey in six months.

This year, Harris has released its most comprehensive report to date on career outcomes of recent graduates. The all-encompassing survey breakdown represents the commitment of Harris Public Policy to “transparently report the immediate impact Harris Alumni have in the world.” For instance, while the survey highlights typical area breakdowns like salary ranges and sectors of employment, it also asks Harris alumni about their job satisfaction. With 92% of Harris graduates reporting that they are very satisfied or satisfied with their jobs, Harris Public Policy is the first policy school to report on post-graduate job satisfaction. Additionally, the report compares the sector breakdown (private, nonprofit/NGO/IGO, and public/government agency) of graduates who are U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens, providing an even more holistic and complete capture of the Harris impact for all graduates.

Of the 92% of reporting 2016 graduates, 97% had secured employment. As Interim Dean Kerwin Charles commented, “The Harris toolkit and perspective prepare our graduates to create positive social impact in whatever career they choose to pursue.” The progressive survey model indicates that a Harris degree engages graduates in a career that is both meaningful and fulfilling — and often with an immediate impact. Read the entire report here.