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How about a series over the summer covering the different spots to study and work around campus? We are excited about this idea because it will help incoming students learn more about UChicago, imagine your life on campus, and appreciate all the community has to offer. The fact that this gets us out of the office on some of the nicest days of the year... Anyway, let's see if given a few facts you can guess where in the Hyde Park and UChicago community we are hiding today:

Saieh Hall is a great location for a caffeine boost and a head-down work or study session. The building has been quiet whenever I have stopped in, and has some impressive architecture with nice views of the campus. A great place to concentrate and work through homework, a study session, a paper, or emails.  Speaking of emails, let me take a minute to address some of the frequent questions our inbox has been receiving:

  • "When will I receive my I-20?" "Can my I-20 be rushed?" "Can I arrive in the US sooner than my program start date?" Our Office of International Affairs has put together detailed content on their website, and we recommend all students review this page.  
  • "When is the deadline for registering for math camp/completing my mentor application/requesting housing?" Important deadlines have been listed on the Next Steps page for admitted students. (If you haven't taken your Math Self-Assessment we encourage you to work on that soon as the recommended deadline was June 15th.) The Mentor application will be due July 1st, and students will receive more information via email. So make sure you are checking for emails from dayone@uchicago.edu over the summer!

Stay tuned for our next post on great locations around campus and in Hyde Park! Can't wait to see you here soon!