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For those of you looking to expand your Harris experience beyond the classroom, consider joining one of our student organizations -- with over 20 to choose from, there will be at least one group to fit your specific policy interests! 

The Chicago Policy Review (CPR) is a student-run organization that seeks to "bridge the gap between current academic research and the practical solutions policymakers need." Those at the CPR aim to make policy research in academia accessible to a broader policy audience. Research areas range from healthcare policy to urban affairs to energy and environment. For over twenty years, the organization has featured research that is tailored to a local scale ("Less Qualified and Less Diverse: Race-neutral Affirmative Action Hurts Chicago's Exam Schools") and expanded on a global level ("Culture and the Environment: How Cultural Values Influence Global Ecologic Practices"). 

Interested in reading more of their work? Check out the CPR's website here