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I recently had a great opportunity to work with our colleagues in the Career Development Office at Harris to review applications for students applying for a stipend to complete a summer internship. Here at Harris, we are able to provide a limited number of $3,000.00 stipends to students who have taken on unpaid summer internships in the public and nonprofit sector. The Harris Midway Fund provides the financial support students need to pursue some unique and valuable internships around the globe. Some of the internships students are pursuing include opportunities with the:

I very much enjoyed reviewing the applications for the Midway fund and learning more about the different internships our current students are pursuing. Some students were using the summer internship as an opportunity to gain experience in a new area to prepare them to change careers after graduation, while other students had planned for an extended time to pursue a particular area of interest.  Regardless of your specific career goals after graduation, pursuing a summer internship that is both challenging and rewarding allows students to gain valuable experience. For more information on the Midway Fund, please visit this page