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In April, Women in Public Policy (WiPP) and the Project on Political Reform co-hosted a lunch and conversation at the Harris School of Public Policy with former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm. Before serving two terms as governor, Granholm was the attorney general of Michigan from 1998-2002. She now teaches law and public policy at UC Berkeley, where she chairs the American Jobs Project as a senior research fellow at the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute. 

The event was an informal Q&A with Harris faculty and students. Granholm addressed several key initiatives and challenges she faced in public office — specifically the loss of manufacturing jobs in Michigan during her first term as governor and maneuvering negotiations as a Democratic governor with a Republican state legislature. She encouraged policy students to find and focus on “the thing that keeps you up at night”, and to find ways to translate data-driven analytics into a story for real people. 

WiPP is a student-run organization that seeks to engage the advancement of women through the context of public policy. They host events, provide opportunities for networking and academic development, and encourage civic engagement and policy advocacy. Their events are open to all students.

The Project on Political Reform is helmed by Professor William Howell and former Harris COO Marc Farinella. The Project on Political Reform identifies solutions to government dysfunctions at the local, state and federal level within the United States. They are a nonpartisan center that is committed to resolving policy issues without party ideology.