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Post from current student Mayra

Many of our international students at Harris are required to attend the Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program (AEPP) – often called Language Camp by students - in early August. The University of Chicago's (AEPP) is an approximately three-week summer program designed to support incoming international students to improve their speaking and writing proficiency in academic and professional contexts before starting the master’s program.

Attending this program can help you develop skills needed to succeed in a rigorous academic environment. It can also give you the opportunity to know more about the culture and history of the city of Chicago and meet the amazing international community that will surround you in the next couple of years. Besides this, you will have the chance to enjoy the amazing Chicago summer! Are you ready to meet your new best friends?

Stay tuned: If you are required to attend the University of Chicago's Academic English Program you will be contacted soon by Harris administration with more information to register for the program.