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Many students are eager for more information on scholarships, and I know I made an announcement at Admitted Student Day that we would have a form ready for you to complete this week. You can find that form here. Some notes:

  • There is a spot on the form to indicate the date by which you need a decision. Of course we understand everyone would like a decision right away, but we were hoping students would use this to indicate if they are under a deadline for another program or scholarship. Outside of these circumstances, please allow two weeks for the committee to review your request.
  • When completing the form, please keep in mind that we are looking for new and updated information.
  • We encourage you to only submit this form once. If there is other information you are waiting on that may impact the content you submit in this form, it would be best to wait until you have complete information.

So, why did I set up the lead photo with the tag line "Why I study Public Policy?" for a blog post about scholarships? Our team knows you are about to make a major career and life-changing decision. We know this is an investment both of your time and money, and we think the question can serve as a reminder of the goals you will achieve with a public policy degree. 

Also - I just loved the comment from the student who answered this question with "Watched too much West Wing." I mean, who hasn't?