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Post from Ranjan Daniels

Recently I was at Civic Hall, a gov/tech incubator in New York City meeting with a fabulous batch of prospective Harris students. The information session featured Harris Council member and former head of Standard and Poor’s Neeraj Sahai along with Harris alumni Nicole Lawrence MPP 2000, and Mitsue Iwata MSCAPP 2016.  Neeraj discussed  his experience of leading large financial services organizations and why he’s involved with Harris. He talked about how he values the Harris approach to research and public policy and that’s why he and other leaders at rating agencies hire UChicago Harris graduates. Nicole Lawrence (Q&A with Nicole) discussed her career managing derivatives investments. Nicole described how much of what she does did not exist while she was studying at Harris so she values the problem-solving and multi-disciplinary approach she learned which she can apply to new areas.  Nicole also talked about how she valued the flexibility of the MPP program which allowed her to take classes at Booth and across the University in her 2nd year.  Mitsue shared her experiences in the MSCAPP program talking about how she was able to develop both machine learning and public policy skills. Mistue discussed how Harris career services helped her secure a  summer internship in the City of Chicago Mayor’s Office and her post-Harris job in the City of New York Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics.

I enjoyed seeing three Early Action admitted applicants, aka “rock stars”, Justin Cohler, Jena Merl, and Hannah Wagner.  I also marveled at the diverse group of prospects representing financial services, local government, and social impact organizations who are looking to drive more systemic public policy innovation.  We are currently reviewing the applications from Round One and it's great to be able to put faces with the stories you have shared!