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Caffeination is a state of perpetual existence for most graduate students. If you’re like me, you cannot even be bothered to get out of bed and make coffee until your second or third cup. For those of you who dwell in cafes and are fueled by java—this blog post is for you. I’ll be detailing some of the caffeination stations on campus and give you a top 6.

My criteria are Grounds (coffee and location), Service, Cost, and Everything Beyond—food and music and other X factor.

6: Hallowed Grounds: Out of the undergraduate run coffee-shops, I most prefer Hallowed Grounds. It has a decent atmosphere being located in the second floor of the Reynolds Club and the dark-wood gives this space a cool ambiance. Despite having some comfy couches and pool tables, this space is more often a study spot than a chill space—although, does serve both purposes. Great music and kind baristas. Could use better beans. If you come at off-hours the coffee may have sat for an hour or more.

5: Harris Café: This café is a surprisingly good spot for some Joe as the coffee is really well brewed and quite tasty. Obviously, convenience plays a huge role in this decision—you won’t even have to leave Harris in the winter. That being said, I wish there were a bit more food options. The X-factor landing Harris Café at the 5 spot: drinking your coffee with your colleagues.

4: Fabiana’s Bakery: This hidden gem was almost excluded from the list to keep it more of a secret. They have incredible cake. This is my go to spot for something sweet with my coffee. I cannot emphasize this enough. Cake. Coffee could use some work. The cake will make you forget.

3: Grounds of Being: This Divinity school coffee shop is often filled with graduate students, while being kept a secret from the undergraduates. They have a great selection of coffee and tea, including a yearly contest to find the best beans. Great brew, good food options, and despite being in a basement it is a decent space. Often crowded—for a reason.

2: Dollop: Dollop wins this spot cleanly by providing incredible coffee. This coffee shop really does its role well and has great coffee brews and espresso drinks. The food options are good and insomnia cookies is right around the corner. The only minuses: the cost and that over 800 undergraduates live above and frequently occupy the café.

1: Plein Air: This is my favorite. A classy coffee shop with incredibly crafted espresso and coffee with sparkling water on tap. The service is wonderful and their menu is incredibly tasty. A very cool spot connected to the Seminary Coop bookstore with indoor and outdoor seating. A must visit spot and will likely land in a top-5 if I rank Hyde Park restaurants.