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Well, maybe not 1,000 cups of coffee, but reading hundreds of applications, discussing in committee, reviewing scholarships, and issuing admission decisions as scheduled (less than a month after the application deadline) has required a few extra cups. That being said - here we are, two days from the decision release, impressed, moved, and humbled by your accomplishments thus far and plans for the future. Just a few examples of some of the accomplishments you shared with us:

  • Working with organizations to deliver thousands of meals to children in need, and recognizing that while the policy was well-intended, marketing issues prevented parents from knowing about the program and remote or unsafe locations prevented the delivery of meals. But then - you collaborated to solve the issues and improve the policy. As you've heard us say at Harris- policy is not about feeling good - it's about doing good. 
  • From our Teach for America alum - so many stories of specific examples in which you witnessed a policy failing your students. Unsafe crosswalks - even after students have been hit by cars. School boundaries that enforce class and race divisions. Lack of family engagement. In your essays you emphasized that while you had a positive impact on your students, you feel called to make changes on a policy level that will positively impact entire communities.
  • In a volunteer role, leading outdoor extended trips with groups of teenagers to help them build and grow their confidence, using outdoor activities to help empower disadvantaged youths. 
  • At least two essays detailing the circumstances in which you and your colleagues were accused or suspected of espionage while conducting research and investigative reporting in a foreign country. 

And you recommenders! Some of our favorites:

  • "An influential game changer."
  • "She'd be such an asset at your school, and even more importantly she'll be such an asset to your profession."
  • "I hope you will let her fire burn at your institution - things will be all the brighter for it."
  • "Best student I have ever taught."
  • "I cannot imagine a better candidate." 
  • "I have never known a student better equipped to excel in graduate school."
  • "He is a teacher and learner who works to make each class the best it could be. He is grounded in commitment to public service."

Although we credit the the caffeine consumption, it has really been your passion, enthusiasm, and drive to tackle complex policy issues that fueled us through these last few weeks. We are very much looking forward to personal conversations with all of you, and hope to see you at our Admitted Student Day on March 3rd!