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Please see below for a guest post from a University of Chicago graduate student, Zach, sharing a reflection on how the New Year can inspire us to make improvements. What inspires you? Are you ready to make a change this year? 

A few years ago, I was struggling to come up with a New Year’s Resolution. That year, I had already switched to a vegan diet, I began meditating to improve my mental health, I would blog or write in a journal to increase my introspection—and so, I was drawing a blank as to what my resolution would be for the upcoming year. What I had realized was that I did not need a holiday or a special occasion to take the opportunity to make a change for my future or to better myself. And neither do you.

Now, I know that a good number of you see problems in the world and are faced with a number of questions. How can we find a sustainable energy source that will last for my children and my grandchildren? How can we fix a growing social security problem? How can we restart failing economies? How can we keep the peace? And many more. A great number of you future leaders might already have ideas for solutions. My challenge to you, take steps towards putting yourself in those decision-making and problem-solving roles, today. Finish up your Harris Public Policy application.

You’ve found yourself here, and I’m sure you already have some idea about what the Harris experience has to offer. Mike Quigley used his experience at Harris to become a Congressman and to help shape American politics. Oliver Azuara Herrera is using his experience to combat poverty and inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean through his role at the Inter-American Development Bank. These alumni and many more demonstrate that Harris alumni become movers and shakers thanks to their passion for policy and the knowledge, experience, and toolkit Harris Public Policy provided them. Go ahead and finish up your application