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We were so excited to have our first event with admitted students last Friday! Our Early Action Reception for Admitted Students celebrated our first group of student admitted for Fall 2017, and connected them with current Harris students. For many students it was the first time we had a chance to speak in person, and it was a pleasure to finally put faces to applications and hear you express your passion for policy in person. Although we've had a chance to meet some of you at campus visits and other events, Ranjan noted it was very special to see candidates in person on campus.  After months of emails, phone calls, and essays to connect in person and to congratulate the admits in person was awesome. It was great to see how quickly admitted students were connecting with each other and making plans to continue the conversations over dinner or in the weeks and months ahead. Even more exciting - seeing our current and future students connecting and discussing their shared interests and what they can expect when they arrive at Harris. Some of the many interesting things we learned and people we met (finally!):

  • So much variety in areas of policy interest! We have students planning to pursue energy and sustainability, education and family,  healthcare, conflict resolution, and urban issues. Many students are interested in multiple areas, and that is not uncommon. We hope conversations with current students helped clarify how you can pursue these many areas at Harris. 
  • Students and parents traveled from near and far, including all the way from Arizona and Mexico City. It was exciting to chat about getting to know the Chicago area and housing options. We promise the weather should be better in March! 
  • When asking students about their plans leading up to the start of school, one shared with us he had already submitted his letter of resignation to his current employer and planned to spend the next few months taking classes as a student-at-large. Too excited to wait for Fall! (Pst - let us know if you are interested in this too!) 
  • Many of our students introduced us to their significant other and it was a pleasure meeting those who supported you through the application process and were excited to celebrate with you!

Our March 3rd Admitted Student Day will approach quickly, and we can't wait to have an even larger group of students on campus connecting with faculty and other staff in addition to current students. But you don’t have to wait till then to visit, if work or your schedule allows you to visit Chicago, we would welcome the chance to meet you and introduce you to staff, faculty or current students who can help your transition to Harris.  The recruitment team will also be traveling in February or March so you can catch us on the road or in one of our admitted student webinars.

See you soon!