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In late December we issued admission letters for our Early Action students. We received many, many strong applications in Early Action and enjoyed learning more about you and your area of policy interest. Each year a number of potentially strong applicants are placed on the waitlist, and we wanted to provide more information on what this means for students, and details on when you may hear updates.

  • All waitlisted applicants will be reviewed with newly submitted applications in the next application rounds. The Round One application deadline is January 20th and the Round Two deadline is March 17th. Students on the waitlist do not need to take any additional action to have their application reviewed again, it will be reviewed automatically.
  • Waitlisted applicants who are admitted will receive an updated letter to their account. Students who are not admitted will not see a change to their account

 Frequently Asked Questions:

What is my number on the waitlist?

            Harris does not rank applicants on the waitlist.

How often should I contact your office?

            We encourage you to contact our office to confirm your interest in Harris as well as to speak with an admissions staff members to discuss options for strengthening your application. If you have new information you would like to share you can email harrisadmisions@uchicago.edu

When will I know if I am admitted?

            Students admitted in Round One will be notified in mid-February and students admitted in Round Two will know in mid-April.

What should I do next?

            We encourage you to contact our office to determine how to strengthen your application, but to also continue to attend webinars and events near you that may be helpful. Please register here: http://whypolicy.uchicago.edu/recruitment-schedule/