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Greetings! We wanted to share with you a post written Ranjan Daniels who had been traveling and wanted to share some of the exciting conversations and encounters he has had with prospective students. Please see below from Ranjan's recent trip to Delhi: 

I visited the UChicago Delhi Center in December as part of a combination Asian recruitment trip, but also to work on the other part of my portfolio, executive education.  The UChicago Delhi Center is an incredible space in the heart of Delhi that students, faculty and alumni can use for academic research, to host meetings, or for professional  support as needed.   

At the University of Chicago we drive social impact through our  faculty research and our graduate programs that educate, nurture, and develop the next generation of global change-agents.  We are expanding our reach to provide executive education to senior and mid-career government and NGO leaders  across the US, India, China and Mexico.  By reaching decision-makers, we increase our ability to champion the Harris approach to public policy and impact that lives of more people.  We also create a richer and more vibrant experience for our graduate students in terms of  internships, research opportunities, networking with global leaders and post-graduate placement with the organizations that participate in our executive education programs. In December, we announced a new partnership with India’s Telcom sector to provide training to industry and government leaders in this fast growing sector.  In the months, ahead I will be turning to Harris student to help with this exciting new initiative as well as to support the work of the Tata Center for Development which provides research and paid fellowship opportunities for Harris students.


The highlight of my Delhi visit was dinner with two newly admitted early action Harris student.