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Of course, we have to write a blog post about the Institute of Politics (IOP) here at the University of Chicago, founded by David Axelrod (AB’76). IOP is a non-partisan extracurricular organization for students at the University, providing numerous civic-engagement opportunities as well a fellows program bringing a variety of leaders to campus. We’ve been mentioning to students our enthusiasm for The Axe Files podcast as it’s a great way for students to be introduced to the work of IOP and some of the opportunities our students can pursue.  In the most recent episode of The Axe Files dubbed by CNN as “Obama’s Exit Interview,” David Axelrod and President Obama discuss his journey to the White House, including his early congressional loss and experience at the 2000 DNC convention when he couldn’t even rent a car or get access to the DNC floor; a stark contrast to the 2004 convention where Obama gave his well-known keynote speech. The episode concludes with a discussion of the President’s post-office priority “to build the next generation of leaders”. We’re sure some of them are here at Harris. You can read the full transcript here and listen to the podcast here.   

The Institute of Politics hosts numerous events during the year, including some open to the Public. If you are interested you can check the upcoming event schedule