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Greetings from Chicago! It's a lovely 34 degrees fahrenheit here and it feels downright balmy. We are continuing to see increases in started applications and are anticipating quite a large pool for Round One. With 30 days to the January 20th application deadline we felt it might be helpful to include some additional tips and suggestions for staying on track to meet the submission deadline:

  • Make sure you are in touch with your recommenders. It's painful when we see students have worked so hard to complete their applications but their recommenders have not submitted. Sending a reminder email to your recommender in the next week is a great idea, and most would much rather have a polite email giving them plenty of notice than a last minute frantic reminder. 
  • If you have taken a GRE and/or TOEFL make sure that has been sent to Harris using code 1849. If your name on your test scores is different than the name on the application or if the email you used to complete the GRE does not match the email you used on your application please email harrisadmissions@uchicago.edu to confirm this information so we can match your test to your application. 
  • If you haven't submitted your scores and are planning to take the GRE or TOEFL in the next few weeks please know we can accept your self-reported scores, but if you are admitted we will then need official scores. 
  • We can accept unofficial transcripts for the review process, but we will need official transcripts if you are admitted.
  • If you submitted your IELTS and it's not showing as submitted in your applicationplease email harrisadmissions@uchicago.edu with your TRF number from the exam.

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We look forward to receiving your application!