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Before we get started here are some important dates to keep in mind. I also wanted to mention two quick items. First, when submitting your GRE please use the code 1849. Second, I get a lot of questions about Early Notification and whether it's a commitment or not. The answer is no. It is non-binding, but will give you an opportunity to have your answer before the end of the year. That way you can get admission out of the way and start planning your future in Chicago. With that in mind, all rounds are for the same Fall 2017 start, so once decision is for all subsequent rounds.

Round           Deadline         Notification         Deposit Due

Early Action           Nov. 18, 2016             Dec. 16, 2016                  Mar. 10, 2017

Round 1                  Jan. 20, 2017             Feb. 17, 2017                   Mar. 10, 2017

Round 2                 Mar. 17, 2017               Apr. 7, 2017                     Apr. 28, 2017